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The 5 goes in one straight line for mile after mile. Sometimes, a strap is attached to the splint and goes around the neck to help hold the arm. It's a device that goes around the hose and attaches securely to the connection end. We embraced, and his lips found mine, a little jolt went down my spine sending a little shiver down it. Are you saying that your understanding was that the driveway went down to the gatepost?

He had a black cloak on his shoulders that went down to his ankles. Selina swallowed hard as a slight shiver went down her spine. There are beautiful deserted beaches that go for miles upon unending miles. She had long strawberry blonde hair that went past her shoulders and sparkling blue eyes. Over his shirt he wore a long blue vest that went past his knees, covered in golden embroidery. She wore a black dress and black boots that went past her knees. His body was found near the causeway going towards Railway Station. There was a small track going off to the left, directly opposite the College sign directing me further down Spetchley Road.

All proceeds from the venture are going towards the new Community Centre in Loughglynn. The income goes towards maintaining the buildings and the estate. With this debt write off, significant resources which could otherwise have gone towards servicing the obligations to Japan can now be freed and channelled towards other needy areas. The proceeds go towards the completion of phase two of the indoor equestrian centre.

The money went towards school fees, uniform, books and travel. Proceeds of that activity went towards the Kiwanis' schoolbooks project. The money went towards paying for her husband's care and legal bills. One million dollars went towards the construction and funding of equipment for the labs. This money went towards various projects in the village and also in the community centre. They knew I was only working in a factory and all my money went towards a flight ticket to the Philippines.

It had raised a lot of cash that went towards improving the Christmas lights display. Royalties for A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius have gone towards the establishment of , Valencia, an academy in San Francisco that encourages and teaches creative writing for those between the ages of eight and An exceptional amount of time and effort went into this year's parade.

The ingredients that go into ice cream are simple and easy to obtain. The effort that has gone into the research and compilation of this publication is remarkable. Medical spending costs are increasing while the total effort going into government-funded medical research is decreasing. It is no accident that they are quality staff, because huge investment has gone into training. Just buy something you like enough to drive for 10 years or more.

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Ok Bobby, keep the engine going and I'll be back in a few minutes. But for the past week I have struggled to get this clock to go. There was another guy in my cell and none of us realised the tape machine was still going. I needed two things: to put the tent up and to get the cooker going to provide heat for my hand and body. It was muggy in the car so I took my keys and turned on the engine so that I could get the air conditioning going.

They used a flash grenade, it went bang and the whole place lit up. The elevator went ping and the doors opened. Slowly pour the liquid until the reservoir is close to full basically to the point where no more liquid goes in. But it just won't go in the damned lock. We've sent them E-mails explaining what goes where. My cases go in the cupboard under the stairs.

Glasses go right side up in the cupboard. I was sure that socks went in the top drawer down and pants in the second drawer. Salmon and pasta really go well together - once again, it's a texture thing. Acidic foods and acidic wines often go well together; like a salad and Beaujolais. Though she is not crazy about diamonds, she feels they go well with platinum.

The sauce would go well with pork tenderloin too, but so far I've tried it with sirloin. The stir fry didn't go well with the powerful redcurrant and juniper sauce. It is also shifting plenty of feminine, lacy lingerie, in the kind of bright colours that go well with a sun tan. This would go well with a light chicken salad or maybe some simple pork chops. This is very summery, and goes perfectly with a tall glass of lemonade. This is just the sort of comfort food that goes well with low self-esteem, a weepy video like Beaches and being single.

The red also goes perfectly with her white cotton jacket and loose pants. Pink grapefruit, being acidic, goes perfectly with crab which tends to be quite rich. Winter favorites are white and all shades of blue. And, of course, black is still a classic which goes with any outfit. The girls could not resist spending money.

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They each got skirts in different colours to go with their bathing suits. I know that cabbage traditionally goes with pork, but I've never been able to stomach the stuff. Who says that art and commerce don't go together? For adults the back to school date signals an end to summer and all that goes with it - normality has returned. They want the family, to spend lots of time with their babies, but they also want the money and excitement that goes with a career.

She will gain a child, a pram, responsibility for another human being and all that goes with motherhood. It is something I have always wanted to have a go at and the noise it makes is fantastic. I worked for a while as a deputy manager of a leisure centre, but then I decided to have a go at what I always wanted to do, becoming a police officer.

We hope to see all our regulars and maybe some people who have always wanted to have a go at playing snooker but never tried. I will be having a go at doing one of the flower arrangements myself. The machine is supposed to take up to eight attempts to hit the spot, so I'll give it another couple of goes before writing it off.

I was reluctant at first as the staff were nearly all youngsters in their teens and early twenties, but I decided to give it a go. Coming from a swimming background and with a keen interest in running, she decided to take the advice of friends late last year and give triathlon a go.

It would be devastation for me if we were relegated because it's taken us umpteen goes to get in in the Premiership. Unfortunately, it's the only theorem I remember from school. That may be why it took me two goes to get my maths O level. If the next person cannot play then the person whose go it is must pick up. You can have a go on the swings in the village.

He played around with my stereo and I even let him have a go on my computer. Do you want to have a go on my guitar? More example sentences. English example sentences.

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Clara, still with no idea where she was going, went to ask the boy for directions. She regularly goes to the movies and attends film festivals.

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  • Example sentences. You may notice that you need to pass water more often; have very little warning before you need to go, and sometimes do not reach the lavatory in time. I thought he'd never go — creí que no se iba a ir nunca. The next day Phil phoned me asking what had happened as he'd blanked out in the pub and when he came round everyone had gone. After some time, he came over to me and said that we must be going now - we had to meet someone. I really must be going, but before I do there are some things you need to know.

    There's a lone car in the courtyard - everyone else must have already gone. Farley left, saying that he must be going and quickly shut the door behind him. And then the other housemates must choose who goes. Unfortunately, when we turned round to go back to our horse and carriage, we discovered he had already gone. I went out for a enjoyable evening and returned to find that Holmes had gone. They asked him a few questions, he went out of the room prepare some tea and when he returned, they were gone.

    I don't think he stuck around to smoke it cause I went out about 10 minutes later and he was gone. As soon as they had gone, the woman went out into the street and frantically flagged down a motorist before alerting police to the robbery. She carried on walking and went up the stairs to her bedroom, they obviously hadn't even noticed she'd gone. I have no time for this!

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    I've got to go! The last bus goes at 7pm, which leaves youngsters stranded in the village and older residents with little chance to enjoy the city nightlife. You're not going yet, are you?